Roxy Pacific Holdings Real Estate Developer

Roxy Pacific Holdings is a real estate developer that has began its roots in developing small shoebox units that comes as a great appeal for investors. Today, Roxy Pacific Holdings holds many projects in Singapore and the latest addition is the new project located at Guillemard Lane.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Real Estate Developer

120 Grange: It’s a nice environment for the upper rich and prestigious part of society. Its height reaches into the heavens at fifteen levels; the 120 Grange gives you a bird’s eye view of the local city. Placed to match the skyline, this wonderful property gives you the option of a 1 – 2 bed-room unit and is accessible to only fifty-six families or persons who are quick enough to grab a spot. Enjoy the best of life, like you were meant to at the 120 grange.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Freehold Condo

Harbour-View Gardens: It’s a world of peace, quiet and genuine content in paradise. Have a feel of your own personal Garden of Eden. Only fifty-seven homes available, the magnificence of the craft between the 2 and 3 bedroom residential apartments really bring to life the possibility of a perfect home where families can come together and enjoy their independent spaces. Located at Pasir-Panjang, It is close to the major attractions of the city like the Mapletree-Business-City and the Science-Park.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Guillemard Lane Geylang Condo

West-End Residences: Located in Sydney, Australia is a combination of two buildings so magnificent and incredible in design that the whole community is brought to life by its presence. This wonderful piece of art was designed by award-grabbing architects Turner, the building is the perfect blend of the innovative village vibe and the hustle and rush of the central city. The First building called the Foundry has one hundred and forty apartments. Its counterpart The Arthouse has ninety-one units available.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Commercial Properties

NZI Centre: This building occupies a net square of nine thousand, four hundred and forty-six square meters and can contain sixty-five basement cars. It’s the corporate HQ for NZI, the largest-insurance-company in New-Zealand.

Eunosville HUDC Enbloc Parc Esta at Eunos MRT Station

Eunosville gives Room for 1.339 new Homes. The great HUDC estate Eunosville, which is presumably privatized, has been sold for $765 million. The price has been considered quite the highest ever for a property such as that. Having been built in the 1980s, 330 units are likely to turn into a higher number that is estimated at 1.399 for a new project.

Eunosville HUDC Enbloc Parc Esta

The price that was initiated for Eunosville, not far from Eunos MRT station, is rated as the second highest accomplished in privatized HUDC project collective sale. OrangeTee, the marketing agent, said that the price came after Farrer Court which was sold for approximately $1.34 billion in the year of 2007. Yet, surprisingly enough, the sale was the second trial of the estate after a bid in the year of 2013 that was deemed failure. The development is now called Parc Esta and is by the developer MCL Land. The new development is the former Eunosville Enbloc. MCL Land is a premier developer in Singapore and has many prestigious development in the area.

Eunosville Enbloc Eunos MRT Station

The price was a success. It has represented, up to now, a premium of more than seventeen per cent—over $643 million to $653 million for which the landlords had asked at the time the site was launched in April, 2017. Mr Marcus Oh, business solutions executive director at OrangeTee, has noted that marked improvements have touched upon the market as primary home sales. He also added that developers are seeking new strategic ways to acquire land so that to gain for themselves the market recovery.

He went on to say that there have been clear competitive attraction bids on the part of Sims Avenue and Changi Road. And these attractions rounded about 376.713 square feet.

Eunosville Enbloc by MCL Land

An engineer, Mr Ong, expressed some kind of sadness by stating that the land of the project is where the children are raised. He added that, in this case, the location turns out to be as convenient, especially when thinking of buying or renting a new unit in the future.

The site is probably exposed to rebuilding. And this would give a chance for 1.339 units to emerge as a matter of development. The size of each apartment might transcend into 70 square meters.

Mr Galven, capital markets director at CBRE, said that there is room for collective sales opportunity in the same way as there are fewer land sites on the part of government sales. He ended his words by stating that en bloc projects should be met with good feedback, especially those which are to be put for tender with three-to-six months’ time.

The Tre Ver Bidadari Potong Pasir Avenue 1

Tre Ver Condo is one of the biggest leaseholds that majors in real estate investments. The investment has been in existence for more than 99 years now and consists a total of 175 units on the privatized land. After the new development is complete, there is an expectation of increasing the number of available units to 500. The investment is considered as the third largest sale after Shunfu Ville and Harbour view gardens. Its success has been significantly contributed by its involvement with the UOL group limited.

Tre Ver Bidadari UOL Group

After the completion of the Tre Ver investment plan, it is attributed that every owner would receive an estimate of $1.9 million for every unit. A major reason that has led to the increased returns from the individuals who invested in the Tre Ver is its location in an area with many amenities. For instance, the investment is located just next to the fringe city in Potong Pasir. It also benefits from the good road network making the drive away to and from the investment easy.

Another development that will benefit the Tre Ver Condo investment is the Bidadari. This is a commercial development that has been planned to be built beside the Woodleigh MRT Station. Due to the increased population in the area, there are also plans to build community facilities around the investment. The facilities will include bus interchanges, police stations, medical amenities and many others. With all these facilities, the area will be one of the best estates in Singapore.

The Trever Former Raintree Gardens New Condo

Other than its good positioning near important social amenities, the investment is located near some of the best-established schools. Not only national schools are found in the area but also international schools with the likes of Stamford American International School. Many other commercial developments have been initiated near the location with a good range of commercial shops and retail outlets.

Another good thing about the Tre Ver investment are the plans to equip it with full condo facilities. This is an important feature of any estate since people will always be looking for function rooms where they can be conducting their meetings and parties as they still enjoy the comfort of their homes. Swimming pools and other recreational facilities will also be established right at the center of the development. All this will be in a bid to ensure the mini-city will provide a peaceful environment and the best to its residents. Tre Ver investment is also highly praised due to the reliable space. Each block in the investment comprises two mansionette with twelve stories.

The Tre Ver Condo Potong Pasir Avenue 1

From the Estate, one can also access many adventure sites. For instance, the Singapore island, Central Expressway and Kallang Expressway are just 15 minutes’ walk away. Across the Tre Ver Condo, there are also multiple of food centers and hotels. This ensures the needs of the residents of this place are well catered for. To sum up, on this information, the increased potential of the transformation of the Bidadari town has significantly increased the demand for the houses in this area. The approximated profit that individual investors may get from the investment may even improve with time.

Shunfu Ville Enbloc Jade Scape Condo Marymount MRT Station

Jade Scape is the newest private development project by Qingjian Realty and located right at the heart of Shunfu Road. The project is only 200 meters away from Marymount MRT Station. Jade Scape is the erstwhile Shunfu Ville enbloc Jade Scape built by Housing and urban development Company (HUDC). The company put up a tender with an asking price of $688 million or $791 per square feet (psf) per plot ratio. Qingjian Realty submitted an offer of S$638 million and won the bid as the company accepted the offer.

Reasons to Choose Jade Scape Condo Qingjian Realty

1. Built by Qingjian Realty

Jade Scape is built by the reputed Qingjian Realty whose parent company is Qingjian Group Co. Ltd. The company was established in 1952 and has been in the real estate business since then both locally and internationally. The company also offers capital management, design and consulting services, logistics and construction services. The company has won several awards for their excellent service over the years and has been one of the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” for the 14 consecutive years.

2. Near to Junction 8 Shopping Centre

The development is near to Junction 8 Shopping Centre, which is a popular family shopping centre and is in close proximity with Bishan MRT Interchange. The mall is extremely popular thanks to its wide variety of retailers and entertainment outlets with some anchor tenants like Golden Village Cinema and Best Denki available within the mall. It is one of Singapore’s main heartland shopping centres with Northpoint in Yishun being the other. The mall also underwent an expansion in 2004 to meet the demand of ever increasing population around Bishan region. There will be agents situated on site everyday to assist in the selling of the development. There will be there 31 days in a month on site.

Jade scape Shunfu Ville Enbloc Singapore Showflat Location

3. Close to Raffles Institution

The development is also close to Raffles Institution, which is one of Singapore’s top-most schools located in the Bishan region and only a few minutes’ walk from the development. The school offers its students a direct 6-year curriculum to the GCE “A” Level without needing to go through the GCE “O” Level. The school also received the prestigious Ministry of Education’s School Excellence Award. Many of Singapore’s top-most leaders went through this institution, which encourages its students to bring out their fullest potential.

Jade Scape Condo Shunfu Ville Marymount Condo

The location of the Jade Scape development project is also unique as it is located only 200 meters away from the Marymount MRT Station along the Circe Line. As the location of the erstwhile Shunfu Ville is a seasoned one, there are several buses along the Shunfu Road and Marymount Road taking you directly to Bishan area as well as Singapore’s Central Business District. Travelling to various parts of Singapore is therefore at the fingertips of the jade Scape property owners. There also several schools like Raffles Institution, Raffles Institution Junior College, Catholic High School and Whitley Secondary School are located at the nearby Bishan and Toa payoh region. 5. Near to Thomson Plaza The development is near to Thomson Plaza, a popular shopping centre located just a few minutes away from the development. The shopping centre is a low-rise development and caters to the residents of both Marymount and Thomson region. The shopping centre includes several anchor tenants including the Challenger Store, Fairprice Finest, etc. Thomson Plaza spreads over 22,400 square meters of land and had a wide variety of tenants in every category.

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